Project: Depot Park

Area(s): Downtown
Type: Redevelopment Program
Budget: $4,500,000 (Phase 1)
Location: South Main Street and Depot Avenue
Start date: 2007
Completion date: 2015
Description: The vision for Depot Park is to create a contemporary public greenspace that will serve as Gainesville’s “Central Park”. As the signature city park located within downtown, it will be the gateway to central Gainesville and provide a space for public outdoor enjoyment unique to the city. The park will offer community residents opportunities to experience the renovated historic train depot, enjoy a system of walking paths, and participate in family activities at several children’s areas. A feasibility study is also in progress to bring the Cade Museum to the site, which when built, will create a strong, positive draw that will establish Depot Park as an important city destination. The stormwater facility planned for the site is also an important feature in that it will enable cost-effective and environmentally sound stormwater management for downtown’s evolving development pattern.
Key Partners: CRA, GRU, Public Works and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs staff.
depot park rendering