Fifth Avenue / Pleasant Street

Project: A. Quinn Jones Museum

Area(s): Fifth Avenue / Pleasant Street
Type: Special Project
Budget: $450,000
Location: 1013 NW 7th Avenue
Start date: March 2009
Completion date: To be Determined

The Fifth Avenue neighborhood has historically been home to many prominent African American leaders within the Gainesville community. One such resident was A. Quinn Jones, a respected educator and civic leader who founded the original Lincoln High School. Arising from the community's desire to honor the accomplishments of Mr. jones and other leaders, the CRA has fostered a plan to create the Legacy Project: Stories of Hope and Determination. The Legacy Project will feature the restored Jones house, listed on the National Register of Historic Properties, which will also serve as the trail head for the Fifth Avenue Pleasant Street Heritage Trail. In 2010, the CRA completed an Interpretive Plan that creates guidelines for exhibits that will tell the complete story of the legacy of A. Quinn Jones and of the people whose lives he affected. The exhibits will feature selected artifacts from Professor Jones' life as well as photographs, audio content and interactive features to allow visitors to learn about the people from the Fifth Avenue Pleasant Street Neighborhood, their histories, triumphs and setbacks and how these events related to the broader context of our national history. The hope is that people of all age levels and cultural backgrounds will come away from the experience uplifted, enriched and inspired. Currently, the house is stabilized and a capital campaign is in early planning stages to raise private funds for the next phase of development. In the long term the Legacy Project will bring new activity to the area by embracing the neighborhood’s unique cultural resources.

The timeline for opening the museum is dependent on the fundraising efforts now underway.

Visit the A. Quinn Jones Museum website for more information on this project:


Before Photo:

construction 3

Construction Photo:

construction started on home

Completion Photo:
House with Marker
Interpretive Plan Rendering:
AQJ House aerial view